Presentations for „IP Administration“

Online Course: Lean Administration in Intellectual Property 2.0

Why does LEAN make sense in IP administration? The live webcast course deals with how to reduce the complexity of administrative processes and make processes more efficient.

online 29. - 30.09.2022
Online course: International Management in IP and Intercultural Etiquette

This practice-oriented online course deals intensively with international management in intellectual property and intercultural business management. It sensitizes you for dealing with business partners in IP.

online 10. - 11.11.2022
Online Course: Professional Trademark Search

This online course will provide guidance on the basics of professional trademark searches. A training course you shouldn't miss!

online 16. - 18.11.2022
Online Course: U.S. Patent Formalities

This live webcast course deals with how to protect your patent properly in the USA. This FORUM!Live online course will provide a detailed guidance to the formal requirements of US patent prosecution.

online 17.11.2022
Online Course: A Guide to Design Registration

This online course is intended for paralegals and IP administrators and will help participants adequately prepare an application for filing with EUIPO/WIPO and provide guidance on administrative aspects such as the required filing documentation, procedural steps, monitoring time limits and fees.

online 17. - 18.11.2022