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The Culture Code

The seminar "The Culture Code" will give you an overview of the reason for our cultural biases and how to overcome these prejudices through self-awareness and an open mind for something which is equally natural but totally different to our values.

  • Stuttgart / 20. - 21.06.2018
  • München / 06. - 07.11.2018

Negotiating across cultures

In this seminar you will learn to apply the necessary English phrases throughout the negotiation process.

  • Stuttgart / 03. - 04.07.2018
  • Heidelberg / 25. - 26.09.2018

Presenting to Convince

This seminar aims to give the attendees a practical overview and structure for making presentations in English. It gives tips and practice on techniques in presenting in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Heidelberg / 04. - 05.12.2018