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eSubmission Manager in Europe

The course provides practical, hands-on experience in eCTD specifications, eSubmission requirements and data integrity for IDMP, SPOR and XEVMPD. Save your place in our virtual zoom seminar room.

  • online / 18. - 19.05.2020

PharmaFORUM Webcast International

Our global and local experts will update you every two months with the latest regulatory and legislative developments. Thus, you will always have the essential information and trends in regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance at your fingertips!

  • Online /

PharmaFORUM Webcast Biologics

Our biotech experts will provide you with the latest information on issues related to development, quality and regulatory affairs of biologics every month in a two-hour webcast, in particular with regard to CMC.

  • Online /

eCTD preparation and submission

This online training programme consisting of three recorded webcasts will train you how to develop documents, compile them and submit an eCTD step by step.

  • Online /

Pharmacovigilance in Europe - Introductory e-Learning

Do you need to be well versed in European pharmacovigilance for your daily work? Then we recommend this e-Learning. You can choose between three different packages according to your level of expertise and requirements.

  • Online /

e-Learning: GDPR - Put into practice

Do you want to gain access to 500 Million people and 24 Million companies in the EU-Single Market as your clients? Serving customers in the EUROPEAN UNION requires GDPR Compliance. If you run a website targeted towards European customers and deal with personal data of your customers, you typically have to follow the rules of the GDPR. If you don't, millions of dollars of fines can be the result.

  • Online /

e-Learning: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is solving problems with the best possible technical means. In order to find the right solutions, a fundamental understanding of digital transformation is essential. Use the food for thought and practical examples in this e-learning to identify the improvement potential in your company.

  • Online /

e-Learning: German Accounting Basics

High-quality e-learning for a well-founded understanding of the concept of the Concept of the German Accounting Standards

  • Online /

e-Learning: IT Performance Management

One of the key elements in running any business that uses IT services is the management of IT costs. The company's IT should be used as sustainably as possible and the added value should be demonstrable.

  • Online /

e-Learning: IT-Security Foundation

In Germany alone, IT failures and malfunctions cause damage running into billions every year, with the number of attack vectors rising and the threat posed by cyber criminals continuing to grow.

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