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Pharmacovigilance Requirements in Emerging Markets

The diversity of PV-relevant regulations defining the art of good PV practice call for a finely tuned balance to ensure that all PV systems employed by a company tie into a unified and truly global PV matrix. Our experts in this course will give you a detailed update on the current legal and regulatory background and on your duties.

  • online / 15. - 16.06.2020

Regulatory Affairs/CMC and GMP Inspections in Russia and the EAEU

This online seminar provides you within-depth knowledge on marketing authorisation, CMC documents and GMP-requirements in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

  • online / 22. - 24.06.2020

IDMP 2020 - the first iteration!

This online seminar helps you collect, clean and structure all necessary data for IDMP and informs you on ePI (structured electronic product information) - a digitalisation project potentially utilizing IDMP and SPOR

  • online / 25.06.2020

Patient Access: Early Access, Compassionate Use, Off-label Use

This online seminar provides information on early access programmes, HTA requirements, CUP and off-label use in Europe

  • online / 30.06.2020

Business Continuity - Pharmacovigilance must go on

The corona pandemic has shown the world how fragile many systems are. This webcast provides you with ways to maintain your PV system in times of crises, even if your company is impaired in terms of personnel and important processes. Master the crisis, act now!

  • online / 01.07.2020

Securing Drug Supply and Patient Access in Europe

Securing supply chains and therapy availability: get the latest on EU objectives and current processes.

  • online / 09.07.2020

Improve your Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Skills

After having attended this online seminar, you will be aware of the key components of RI and its practical use in your role as a regulatory professional.

  • online / 17.07.2020

Medical Devices in China

Would you like to successfully approve and market your medical devices in China as well? Then attend our webcasts and learn more about market potential and product approvals. Our local experts will provide you with comprehensive information - especially on the subject of approval and risks that exist for European medical device manufacturers or importers.

  • online /

Qualified Person

As a new or future Qualified Person you are looking for support with respect to your daily challenges? Get your in-depth knowledge on the role, responsibilities, duties, current and future expectations of a QP in our online-training!

  • online / 27.08.2020

Marketing Authorisation in Latin America

An online seminar to discuss real cases/challenges for marketing authorisation in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil with local experts from Brazil and Spain.

  • online / 21. - 22.09.2020