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FORUM · Institut für Management GmbH, established in Heidelberg in 1979, develops and implements training courses for specialists and managers at commercial, administrative and other types of organisations. In addition to industry-specific seminars, conferences and courses for the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and energy industries among others, FORUM Institut provides practical courses in subjects such as finance, accounting, IT management, intellectual property, human resources, law, marketing and sales. Quality, flexible e-learning courses and online seminars complement our range of training courses.
This professional training has earned FORUM Institut an excellent reputation and it is today one of the most renowned and largest institutions of its kind in Europe. It has steadily established contacts across national borders with the aim of strengthening international collaboration. Partners in Italy and China further this goal.
Our approximately 100 dedicated employees continuously focus on four success factors:

  • excellent speakers;
  • current, relevant topics and content;
  • high-quality, very well-prepared instructional materials; and
  • qualified on-site support.
Innovative training courses that have been specifically tailored to the sectoral and professional requirements of a demanding clientele form the basis for continuous, successful development. These help managers in almost all areas of the company by identifying important trends and required specialist knowledge, processing them and communicating them in a pleasant atmosphere.


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SRH – Training and health

FORUM Institut is a member of the SRH Group, a non-profit foundation and leading provider of training and healthcare services that operates private universities, training centres, schools and hospitals. Its 13,000 employees cater for 950,000 educational customers and patients annually, generating a turnover of €908 million. The group of companies is owned by SRH Holding, a non-profit foundation based in Heidelberg. SRH aims to improve the quality of life and the life chances of its customers.