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In-house-seminars Softskills

The pharmaceutical and medical device industry is undergoing permanent change: new political, legislative and regulatory developments require consistent training of every single employee. In addition, many pharmaceutical regulations explicitly mandate continuous training, which official inspections must prove.

The FORUM Institute teaches your employees the essential know-how in our in-house seminars to manage the current challenges.

Your advantages:

  • Qualified and individual guidance

  • Best price-performance ratio

  • Custom-made seminar content tailored to your needs

  • No travel expenses for your employees

High-class quality at a fair price

Your company invests money and the time of your employees for specialised training. For this reason, the content and quality of knowledge transfer must be adequate. The FORUM Institute draws on over 35 years of experience in designing in-house seminars.

Another guarantor of the quality of the in-house seminars are our speakers with their specific areas of expertise. Furthermore, there is also a permanent evaluation of the speakers through an internal quality-management system.

We know about your demands and design in-house seminars tailored to your needs!
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