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Accredited Diploma in Pharmacovigilance for Middle East

Certified by FORUM Institut für Management GmbH

To obtain your diploma “Pharmacovigilance in the Middle East” you need to complete all online assessments after each webcast. You will pass the online test by answering at least 75% of the questions correctly and you are allowed to refer to the presentation in each webcast for help.

Certified by FORUM Institut für Management GmbH – Quality guaranteed!

The FORUM Institut für Management, founded in 1979 in Heidelberg, Germany, is an international group of institutions that concerns itself with training pharmaceutical specialists and executives. Members of this group are SRH University Heidelberg and SRH The Mobile University. The group of FORUM Institut für Management institutions is regulated in accordance with German law and thus empowered to issue certification as per the study scheme. The FORUM Institut für Management institutions issue certificates ranging from seminar attendance certificates to Master degrees in select topics. The FORUM Institut für Management’s first-class speakers and lecturers, current topics, excellent learning and seminar materials, and exceptional on-site support ensure the high quality of the courses, seminars and symposia.

More than 300,000 executives from many countries around the world have attended FORUM courses, conferences and seminars to date. We believe that well-trained personnel is an essential pillar of successful companies and we effectively support companies in this regard.

Since the quality of training provided is crucial to us, FORUM Institut für Management joined the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), Europe’s largest public–private initiative designed to accelerate the development of better and safer medicines for patients, in 2012. It is a joint undertaking of the European Union and the pharmaceutical industry association EFPIA. A key aspect of IMI is the European Medicines Research Training Network (PharmaTrain Federation), which provides a sustainable platform for education and training covering the entire life cycle of medicines research, and defines quality criteria for professional training and education. We adhere to these criteria and, as a signatory, we are an active partner in further developing and improving the quality standards.

In 2017, FORUM Institut für Management submitted to an external PharmaTrain audit and was recognised as a Centre of Recognition, since our courses are in full compliance with the PharmaTrain guidelines.

Why FORUM Institut für Management GmbH for qualification in pharmacovigilance?

Module 1 of the European and Arabian guideline on good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP) states that: ‘All personnel involved in the performance of pharmacovigilance activities shall receive initial and continued training’. In Europe, authorities also focus on the documentation and assessment of pharmacovigilance training programmes. Hence, FORUM Institut specialised in drug safety training, with online assessment after each training programme. Our courses and certificates are acknowledged and accepted throughout European pharmaceutical companies and authorities.
Our webcast series ‘Pharmacovigilance for the Middle East’ was developed with experts in the Middle East and covers the theoretical part of the major pharmacovigilance objectives for running a pharmacovigilance system.

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