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Patents for Software:

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Patents for Software: Essentials

Computer-implemented inventions are now wide-spread in areas such as telecommunications, automotive or medical engineering. Drafting patent claims and IP strategies for software innovations show considerable differences in detail. Learn the particularities and train to draft better claims for software innovations!


  • Software innovations: the appropriate IP asset
  • EU & US: legal framework and current case-law
  • Filing strategies: EU vs. US
  • Dealing with national differences
  • Case studies and drafting exercises

Aims and objectives

Computer-implemented inventions (CII) are now wide-spread. While computer programs are not patentable as such, you can obtain patent protection for technical software. There are however some particularities to consider when drafting patent claims.

The Essentials course teaches you the relevant legal framework and case-law in European and US patent law. Learn how to consider national differences with regard to drafting or enforcement. Case studies and drafting exercises will help you to draft better CII patent claims.

Who should attend?

  • Heads of patent and IP departments
  • Patent attorneys and lawyers
  • EQE candidates
  • Research and IT development managers
  • Software developers/Product managers

Your speakers

Sabine Kruspig
Former Director EPO Computer/German Patent Attorney, SCHWARZ + BALDUS, Munich (Germany)

Peter Bittner
European Patent Attorney, Peter Bittner und Partner, Walldorf (Germany)

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