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Art. 83 EPC:
Don't Say Too Much
or Too Little!

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Sufficiency of Disclosure in EPO Applications (Art. 83 EPC)

Don't Say Too Much or Too Little!

Our speakers will help you to gain an in-depth understanding of Art 83 EPC. After the course, you will be able to better balance the needs for disclosing the necessary information for the European patent application and keeping important features of the invention secret for other jurisdictions.


  • Key Issues of Sufficiency of Disclosure
  • Enabling Disclosure
  • Insufficiency of Disclosure
  • Art. 83 EPC applied to biotech: nucleotides and amino sequences; biological material
  • Sufficiency vs. clarity and added subject-matter
  • Disclaimers and sufficiency

Aims and objectives

Art. 83 EPC is like the less well-known stepsister of novelty and inventive step: applicants often pay less attention to the sufficiency of disclosure. However, it is as important as the other patentability criteria. The apparently simple wording of Art. 83 EPC might cause some problems in practice: if the invention is not sufficiently disclosed, then you risk a refusal in examination, give ground for opposition and may not use it as prior art. Our speakers will help you to gain an indepth understanding of Art. 83 EPC. You will know what enabling disclosure really implies. By the means of practical examples, our speakers will help you to avoid insufficient disclosure. You will know how to master the challenges of Art. 83 EPC in the interplay with other relevant EPC articles and rules. After the course, you will be able to better balance the needs for disclosing the necessary information insuring sufficiency of disclosure of your invention.

Who should attend?

  • Heads and member of patent/ IP departments
  • Patent Attorneys in private practice
This course is especially interesting for those working in or for the biotechnology


Your speakers
Daniel Xavier Thomas
Former Director, Directorate-General 1 - Operations, European Patent Office, Munich (Germany)

Koen Bijvank, MSc LL.M.
European and Dutch Patent Attorney, Partner, Brinkhof, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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