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Course: IDMP 2020 - the first iteration!
IDMP 2020 - the first iteration!
2019-12-12 2019-12-12 Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof Frankfurt City Center Kaiserstraße 62-64 60329 Frankfurt 069 2561790

IDMP 2020 - the first iteration!

With practical examples of how to describe your products in IDMP

This workshop helps you collect, clean and structure all necessary data for IDMP and informs you on ePI (structured electronic product information) - a digitalisation project potentially utilizing IDMP and SPOR
  • Status of implementation
  • Details of the IDMP EU Implementation Guide
  • Collection, cleaning and structuring of data - your urgent to-dos
  • Structured electronic product information (ePl)
  • The link between ePl, IDMP and SPOR

Aims and objectives

The first iteration of IDMP is approaching - high time to implement IDMP. This workshop helps you collect, clean and structure all necessary data, as well as showing you how to build efficient project teams for the implementation.

Related topics, such as SPOR and structured electronic product information, will also be addressed in detail.

Be ready for IDMP iteration 2!

Who should attend
This meeting is for everyone working with regulatory databases, dealing with XEVMPD, IDMP or SPOR. It will also be useful for those who prepare data for these databases or who are involved in regulatory digitalisation projects.
Your speakers
Remco Munnik
Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy, Vlijmen, The Netherlands

Georg Neuwirther
AGES Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Vienna, AUSTRIA

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