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2012300 Seminar SME-Finance in Germany
SME-Finance in Germany
2020-06-04 2020-06-04 online

e-Learning: SME-Finance in Germany

Working with the backbone of the German economy

This e-learning programme will inform you about general aspects, chances and issues of SME-Finance in Germany, it will provide you with the structure and particularities of the German SME-market.
Topics "e-Learning: SME-Finance in Germany"
  • Overview of the economic climate and challenges ahead for SME in Germany
  • The main short- and long-term financing instruments, the fundamentals of hybrids and Off-balance-sheet financing
  • Regulatory requirements, deleveraging of banks’ balance sheets, need for a new bank approach, "new players on the market"
  • Fundamentals of the most common collateral used for financing of working capital and capex
  • The most relevant (Financial) Covenants
  • Practical example of credit risk analysis: profit & loss statement, balance sheet & cash flow
  • Excurse: Overview and present issues of German banking market

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Aims and objectives e-Learning: SME-Finance"

The introductory training course will inform you according to which criteria SMEs in Germany are segmented and defined. You will get an understanding about general aspects, chances, challenges as well as issues of SME-Finance in Germany.
The course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the main classical short-term and long-term financing instruments, hybrids applied in SME-Finance and the most common collateral used for financing of working capital and capex.
You will appreciate the key success factors for credit approvals from banks and the benefits of financial planning. In addition you will gain practical knowledge about the current market environment and a strategic approach how to work successfully with SME.
Finally you can verify your analytical skills in credit risk analysis.
Your benefits:

  • Understand the structure and particularities of the German SME-market.
  • Get a good overview of the present challenges and chances of achieving reasonable RoE when working with SME.
  • Become competent in different classical financing instruments, learn first aspects about "Off-balancesheet financing", hybrids and necessary collateral tools.
  • Get an up-to-date overview of the most relevant (Financial) Covenants used in the financing business.
  • Possibility to test your analytical skills.

Who should attend
This e-learning is designed for anyone who want to learn the fundamentals of SME-Finance. This lecture will also be useful for less experienced colleagues who work in the SME-business and want to understand the strategic approach for building long lasting business relations with SME.

Mid-management of financial institutions working with SME Finance
Operational staff within financial institutions working with SME Finance
Top management of financial institutions wanting to enter SME Finance
Staff of regulators, policy makers, donors and other SME Finance related institutions
Staff of SME associations
Consultants and other individuals interested in SME Finance
Your Speaker
Roland Kupka
Consultant, Dreieich

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