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2012330 e-Learning: The Blockchain
A greenhorns guide to blockchain
2020-06-04 2020-06-04 online

e-Learning: The Blockchain: What it is and is not

e-Learning: The Blockchain: What it is and is not
  • Understanding the context in general
  • Dive into the technology in enough detail to understand it
  • Understand terms like "smart contracts", "public" and "private"
  • Possible use cases for/in the financial industry

Aims and objectives

In this e-learning you will be introduced to backgrounds and the history of the blockchain technology. From this basis, it is much easier to grasp the technological foundations of the blockchain as laid out in the seminar. Therefore, you will be able to understand the basic needs of a blockchain, its applications like smart contracts and especially, its limits. So after this e-learning you will be able to - explain what a smart contract, blockchain or a distributed ledger is. - know, where the limitations of smart contracts and distributed ledgers are. - understand, where the technologies can help and how. - validate, if and which distributed ledger technology best fits your needs.
Who should attend
No matter what your role and position is in a corporation. If it deals with digital environments, you will probably already have heard the terms from someone. Because in this time of "exponential technology development" (Ray Kurzweil), it is important, to be able to tell apart the hype from the substance.
Your speaker
Your speaker
Samater Liban
Internal consultant, "All Digital" & Innovation Manager, R+V Versicherung AG

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