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e-Learning Successful Negotiation
e-Learning: Successful Negotiation
Positive negotiation for a win-win outcome
2020-06-04 2020-06-04 online

e-Learning: Successful Negotiation

Positive negotiation for a win-win outcome

In our e-learning course you will learn how to negotiate successfully and achieve better results. You decide when and where to learn.
Topics of the e-Learning "Successful Negotiation"
  • Influencing and negotiating: five negotiation tactics
  • Five phases for all-purpose negotiations
  • The right attitude: influencing your superiors
  • The seven phases of price negotiation
  • Four steps to dealing with objections positively
  • The power of non-verbal communication in successful negotiation

Aims of the e-Learning "Successful Negotiation"

This online course focuses on positive negotiation. Why? Well, we have all heard of the 'Win-Win Idea': the challenge is achieving the desired win-win outcome. This course will provide you with many practical tips and tactics that can be applied to a variety of situations. You will feel more confident and be more decisive in difficult negotiations, and thus achieve better results.

Hans Verheijke, a recognised expert, will share his international experience in negotiation and personal coaching.

Who should attend
  • Teamleaders
  • Managers in all sectors
  • Team- and project members
In particular, those who frequently participate in negotiations and want to learn how to negotiate positively to create win-win situations.
Your speaker
Hans Verheijke
Negotiation expert, founder and chairman of the Business Performance Academy.

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e-Learning Successful Negotiation

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