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Pharmacovigilance in Europe - Introductory webcast series

Do you need to be well versed in European pharmacovigilance for your daily work? Then we would like to invite you to join this webcast series. You can choose between three different packages according to your level of expertise and requirements.

  • Online /

First Accredited Diploma in Pharmacovigilance for the Middle East

First Accredited Diploma in Pharmacovigilance for the Middle East

  • Online /

Educational material in Europe

Educational material will remain a national issue in each European country. Familiarise yourself with the regulations in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany in this webcast series consisting of six webcasts.

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The Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF) in a Global Environment

This seminar will provide tips on how to prepare and maintain a core PSMF as well as annexes with the relevant local peculiarities worldwide.

  • Frankfurt / 13.02.2020

Scientific Writing and Reviewing in Regulatory Affairs

After completing this seminar, participants will be aware of the key regulatory requirements when preparing texts, with a greater awareness of the importance of proper English writing, reviewing and proofreading processes.

  • Frankfurt / 17. - 18.02.2020

eCTD Life Cycle Management - National and Global

National dossier requirements and global life cycle management: How do they fit together? This course provides practical tips on how to professionalise your electronic dossier submission and life cycle management.

  • München / 27.02.2020

Regulatory Affairs China & ASEAN/Chinese CTD

Two experts will give you an in-depth update on your duties with regard to accepted clinical trial data, dossier submission and the post-approval processes.

  • Frankfurt / 17.03.2020

ASEAN & Chinese CTD/eCTD

CTD Dossier and submission in Asia, the ASEAN countries and especially China discussed in detail at this seminar

  • Frankfurt / 18.03.2020

eSubmission Manager in Europe

The course provides practical, hands-on experience in eCTD specifications, eSubmission requirements and data integrity for IDMP, SPOR and XEVMPD.

  • Amsterdam / 18. - 19.05.2020

Pharmacovigilance Requirements in Emerging Markets

The diversity of PV-relevant regulations defining the art of good PV practice call for a finely tuned balance to ensure that all PV systems employed by a company tie into a unified and truly global PV matrix. Our experts in this course will give you a detailed update on the current legal and regulatory background and on your duties.

  • Frankfurt / Niederrad / 15. - 16.06.2020