White paper

Non-clinical aspects of RNA-based drug development

Non-clinical aspects of RNA-based drug development

Author: Dr Anika Schröter


Classification of drugs, impact on non-clinical program, class-specific considerations

The development of RNA-based drugs has increased within the past years and is a promising field of research in the pharmaceutical industry. It is transforming the industry and will offer new hope for patients with unmet medical needs.

RNA-based drugs have several advantages over conventional drugs, such as the ability to target previously undruggable pathways, the rapid and cost-effective development, and the potential for personalized medicine. However, RNA-based drugs also face some challenges, such as the stability, delivery, and safety of the RNA molecules.

This whitepaper informs about the challenges with the 'standard' non-clinical program for different RNA-based drugs, focusing on safety evaluation.

Download now the white paper 'Non-clinical aspects of RNA-based drug development'.

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White paper

Non-clinical aspects of RNA-based drug development



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