Company profile

Company profile

The FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1979. As one of the leading conference and seminar specialists in Europe we are dedicated to provide high-quality training for professionals and executives. In 2007 more than 30,000 executives from many countries throughout the world attended FORUM conferences and seminars.

FORUM Institut has expanded internationally organising conferences and seminars in Alicante, Brussels, Geneva, Helsinki, Japan, London, Milan, Paris, The Hague, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

The main fields concentrated on are:

  • Energy Supply Industry

  • Financial Services/Banking

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Information Technology

  • Insurance, Controlling, Taxation

  • Law

  • Management Skills

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnological


FORUM Institut is also involved in other fields of interest which have mid- or long term effect on company management and strategy. In addition to this, special conferences such as the Tax-Forum, the Product Liability Conference, the Pharma-Conference, the International Trademark Conference take place. These conferences have developed among experts into a 'Jour-Fixe'.

The excellent international reputation which FORUM enjoys is based on the expertise of the key-speakers. Among these are personalities such as:

  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Straus

  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Christopher Floyd

  • Dr. Klaus Grabinski

  • Dr. Michael Kock

  • Pierre Véron

  • Jean-Claude Trichet

  • Dr. Murray M. Lumpkin, MD

  • Sir Edward Heath

  • The Hon. Lord Hoffmann

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Feldstein

  • Henry Kaufman

  • Kevin G. Rivette

  • Professor Dr. Hannes Wahlroos