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We provide training.

FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH is a leading training provider that has been assisting specialists, executives, managers and project leaders in all organisational areas for more than 43 years. Our training programmes address major trends and essential specialist knowledge in a modern and practical manner. Our innovative training, which lays the foundations for the successful personal and professional development of our customers, is delivered in a number formats including online, in-person, in-house and e-learning courses, and webcasts.

We place our customers front and centre. In fact, all our almost 100 employees are committed to guaranteeing the best possible training experience for you. This comprises:

  • learning from experienced speakers,
  • guaranteed current and relevant topics and content,
  • the benefit of a broad range of training formats,
  • guaranteed qualified support throughout the event and
  • a stimulating exchange of ideas with other participants.

Organising professional training has earned us an excellent reputation. In fact, we are now one of the most renowned and largest training institutes in Europe. We consistently establish contacts across national borders with the aim of strengthening international collaboration.

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Overall quality score for FORUM Institut is 1.7

We think it is absolutely important to provide professional training in accordance with defined quality criteria. We would like to thank all participants who have once again placed their trust in us. The average score of 1.7 obtained from 5,019 ratings of more than 710 events attests the high quality we delivered in 2022.
“We are very pleased to have retained both our high quality standard and our consistent customer perception this year too. Our commitment to training and development has paid off. We look forward to continuing on this path together with our participants,” says Managing Director Prof. Ulrich Zeitel.

Our logo: The Temple of Vesta

Just like many other company logos, our logo, which has a historic origin, is especially symbolic. Our company name – FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH – and our logo – the Temple of Vesta – represent the core elements of our corporate philosophy. FORUM Institut considers itself a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, just like the classical Roman Forum.

For centuries, the Roman Forum was the centre of the ancient world and the Temple of Vesta was one of the oldest and most central places of worship on the Forum’s grounds. In the times of the Roman Republic, all political decisions were made in the Senate on the Roman Forum. This is where the Empire was administered and expanded, and where the city’s oldest and most venerable temples were located.
The Roman Forum was also the centre of day-to-day life in Rome: this is where business was conducted, all kinds of wares were sold and the courts were convened in the various basilicas. The sacred fire of Vesta, the eternal flame closely linked to the fortunes of the city of Rome, burned day and night in the round Temple of Vesta. It was tended by the only female priesthood and was never allowed to die out. Thus, the Vestal Virgins symbolically safeguarded the well-being and eternity of the Roman Empire, and hence the continuous exchange of information and ideas between people and cultures on the Roman Forum.

This continuity is also an element of the corporate philosophy of FORUM Institut. 



We developed the ‘Aktiv und Vital’ (active and energetic) project, which is an exercise module for the breaks in online courses, which won us the 2022 E-learning Award.


We celebrated our 40th anniversary with family and friends. The event consisted of an open day highlighting our day-to-day activities, rounded off with a leisurely evening river cruise on the Neckar.


Stiftung Rehabilitation (SRH), a leading provider of educational and healthcare services, took over FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH from Ernst Klett AG.



Ernst Klett AG took over FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH.



Springer Science+Business Media Deutschland GmbH took over FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH.


Axel von Schellenberg established FORUM • Institut für Management GmbH on 12 September 1979.

SRH – Training and health

FORUM Institut is a member of the SRH Group, a non-profit foundation and leading provider of training and healthcare services that operates private universities, training centres, schools and hospitals. Its 13,000 employees cater for 950,000 educational customers and patients annually, generating a turnover of €908 million. The group of companies is owned by SRH Holding, a non-profit foundation based in Heidelberg. SRH aims to improve the quality of life and the life chances of its customers.


PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has defined quality criteria for professional education and training. We have fulfilled these criteria since 2012 and, as a LifeTrain signatory, we are an active partner in further developing and optimising these quality standards.

We are very proud that our quality management has been rated excellent and that it indeed exceeds IMI requirements. In the last (2022) audit, we improved even further and have now been upgraded from a ‘PharmaTrain Centre’ to a ‘PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence’.