Highest quality standards with ISO certifications

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018

Twofold ISO certification for top quality at FORUM Institut

What are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018?

Certification in both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018 is the result of our consistent commitment to excellence and the highest quality standards. ISO 9001 published in 2015 is the globally recognised standard for quality management. It ensures that FORUM Institut has implemented strict quality controls, process optimisation and continuous improvement. This certification confirms that the training we provide is of the highest quality.
ISO 21001, which was published in 2018 and developed specifically for educational organisations, was implemented as DIN ISO 21001 in Germany in 2021. It ensures that customers’ needs and their learning experience are right at the centre of the quality management system. The core element here is the management system for educational organisations (EOMS).
Both ISO standards are internationally recognised as necessary to ensure a uniform quality standard. Certified institutions are audited independently according to the specified requirements. Consequently, such certified institutions can be compared internationally.

Quality management officer

Dr. Henriette Wolf-Klein
Head of Department

+49 6221 500-680

Introduction of ISO standards at FORUM Institut

The introduction and implementation of ISO standards is a process subject to many requirements. We made a conscious decision to take this route so that our participants can benefit from the inherent high quality standards. Structured and transparent processes, continuous improvement processes and an optimised learning environment are but a few of the benefits of implementing the ISO standards.
We opted for a combination of the two ISO standards to cover both compliance with quality standards and the specific requirements for the education sector. This enables us to harness the many years’ experience in process optimisation and continuous improvement processes afforded by the ISO 9001 standard. However, while ISO 9001:2015 is more based on generic products, our focus is firmly on people wishing to further their education. Since ISO 21001:2018 also does just that, it is the perfect solution for us. This standard focuses on the learner and, consequently, all processes are geared to meet learners’ needs.
While conducting the external audit for our ISO certification, the auditor was particularly impressed by our first-class customer relationship management. She was pleased to note that our corporate planning is excellent and that we focus on continuously expanding customer networks. Clear adherence to processes in all areas reflects our high quality standards, while our fault management is customer-friendly and in full compliance with the requirements.

Successful and sustainable customer relationships are a top priority at all levels of the organisation. We are delighted that our twofold certification attests to our high quality standards and our clear adherence to established processes.

What are the benefits for you as a customer?

Top quality: Our ISO 9001:2015 certification enables us to guarantee that our products and services meet the highest quality standards. Our clear adherence to processes is evident in all areas of the organisation, and you can enjoy reliable and top-flight solutions that we continuously improve and develop.
Optimised training: Our ISO 21001:2018 certification enables us to provide an effective and even more varied training environment. Your learning experience takes centre stage and we strive to continuously improve it by engaging in extensive consultation prior to the training, identifying expectations, ensuring a trusting learning atmosphere and using participant feedback to further optimise our solutions, among others.
Trust and transparency: Our twofold ISO certification shows how important the transparency of our processes and objectives is to us. Your data is safe with us. Any faults in our organisation are reduced to a minimum through constant self-monitoring and optimisation.
Customer focus: Our ISO certification emphasises our commitment to putting your needs at the centre of all we do. We value your feedback. We respect your privacy, making sure to safeguard it at all times, and handle any complaints confidentially and objectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.