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Seminare zu Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Law

More about Intellectual Property Law

Choose from our broad range of training programmes. We provide training, practical and advanced courses, and conferences on various topics related to intellectual property, ensuring first-class training with experts from in-house, public and private practice.

IP Administration

Efficiency and effectiveness in patent and IP departments, database searches and the latest official and court practices for formalities officers in IP. Our experts have you covered.

Patent Law

The patent system is characterised by rapid innovation and legal developments. Continuous training is therefore essential. Our seminars will keep you up to date, be you a beginner or professional.

Trademark Law

Trademarks are valuable assets that need to be protected. Our seminars cover all aspects: from application and registration to effective administration, including trademark infringement issues.

Licensing Law

IP licences are required to manufacture and market your products legally, while their allocation generates revenue. Learn how to negotiate licences and draft legally compliant licence agreements.


Learn the most effective approach to managing portfolios and developing IP strategies in our seminars and courses.
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