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US & EU Licensing

This course provides drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing US law.

  • / 23. - 24.04.2020

Hands-on Training Course: Essential PCT Formalities

The hands-on training programme will provide attendees with detailed guidance to the formal requirements of the PCT and information on the regulations related to the PCT.

  • online / 06. - 07.05.2020
  • Amsterdam / 03. - 04.09.2020

Quo vadis, SPC?

Our speaker, one of the leading SPC experts in Europe, will discuss the SPC referrals to the ECJ with you. He will put the decisions in context and will show you the consequences for national court practice and for your application practice.

  • Online / 07. - 08.05.2020

EPO Case-Law Update

First-hand update for patent practitioners & EQE candidates: Each year the boards of appeal of the European Patent Office hand down more than 2000 decisions. These decisions set the standard for interpreting and applying the European Patent Convention (EPC).

  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 07.05.2020

IP Strategy

IP Strategy! - the interactive course which helps you setting up convincing IP strategy plans.

  • / 12. - 14.05.2020
  • München / 24. - 26.11.2020

20 Pitfalls in Patent Licensing

This course shows attendees 20 pitfalls when it comes to patent licensing and how to avoid them. Skills will be taught and tested in a mock licensing negotiation in groups of participants.

  • Heidelberg / 13.05.2020

Antibody Patenting

This one-day training course is about drafting, prosecuting and enforcing antibody patents, with a focus on European practice.

  • Frankfurt am Main / 26.05.2020

EP Claim Drafting Workshop: Electricity, Physics & Mechanics

Our speaker will give you tips and tricks on EP claim drafting and will show you which pitfalls to avoid.

  • Amsterdam / 11. - 12.06.2020

Patent Portfolio Generation and Management

Learn in this hands-on course how to improve your patent portfolio management skills. Get more information and register here!

  • Amsterdam / 11. - 12.06.2020

EP Claim Drafting Workshop: Chemistry & Life Sciences

Our speakers will give you tips and tricks on EP claim drafting and will show you which pitfalls to avoid. Learn more about the deal of European Patent claim drafting and improve your claim drafting skills.

  • Amsterdam / 11. - 12.06.2020