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IP Strategy!

IP Strategy! - the interactive course which helps you setting up convincing IP strategy plans

  • Hamburg / 27. - 29.06.2017

Intellectual Property and Change Management

By attending this course, attendees will learn how to apply change management to intellectual property.

  • Hamburg / 30.06.2017

IP Manager

The IP Manager course was developed in cooperation with experienced IP managers from the International Institute for IP Management (I³PM) working in the industry and private practice. Each course day includes a mix of theory and practice. The course content has been chosen with regard to practical application in daily practice.

  • Den Haag / 16.11. - 09.12.2017


This course will outline the principles of licensing and examine every stage, from taking the decision to license, through negotiation to an in-depth analysis of an international license to what happens after the agreement has been signed.

  • München / 30.11. - 01.12.2017

FTO in Practice: Engineering, Material Science & High Tech

Ever since Samsung cited sci fi movie '2001' as prior art in a procedure brought by Apple, US design patents have attracted the attention of the wider public. This practical course will be a much-needed guide to the law and practice. Attendees will get a systematic overview and will examine the interpretation provided by the USPTO and the US courts.

  • Amsterdam / 05.12.2017

Patent Due Diligence

Our speakers will show you strategies for a Patent Due Diligence and how you can evaluate it. You will learn how a Patent Due Diligence can be conducted efficiently and how you can determine the right budget for it. You will be able to test your Patent Due Diligence skills by the means of interposed practical exercises under the guidance of the speakers.

  • München / 14.03.2018

US and EU Licensing

This course provides drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing U.S. law.

  • München / 19. - 20.04.2018