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Presentations for „Licensing Law“

Online Course: Patent Protection for Digital Solutions in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This practical online course deals with the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on intellectual property practice. Attendees will be provided with valuable knowledge as well as practical methods and tools using digital patents in digital business models.

Online 09. - 10.11.2021
Online Course: US & EU Licensing: A Hands-On Course on The Law And Best Practices

This online course provides drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing US law.

Online 16. - 18.11.2021
Online Course: IP Strategy

IP Strategy! - the interactive online course which helps you setting up convincing IP strategy plans.

Online 23. - 25.11.2021
Online-Course: Employee Inventions and International R&D

This online course shall provide a sound overview about different local laws in important countries in EU and beyond with respect to employee invention rights. It shall enable the participants to address complex situations when designing and negotiating agreements for cross-border R&D.

Online 25.11.2021
FORUM!Live: Tips And Tricks for Successful Patent License Negotiations

This online seminar provides you with the 'soft skills' for the successful negotiation of patent license agreements. Our speakers will show you the dos and don'ts of patent license negotiations. They will show you how best to prepare for negotiations and what tactics you should follow during negotiations.

Online 01. - 02.12.2021
Online Course: Patent & Trade Secret Protection Strategies in China

Given the significant global importance of China, European IP practitioners need to have a keen sense of strategic and legal opportunities and threats when doing business with China.

Online 09. - 10.12.2021
Online-Course: Inside The Patent Factory

This FORUM!Live online course is about techniques and tools for IP risk mitigation. Attendees will learn how to set up a proper IP risk management process.

Online 27. - 28.01.2022