Presentations for „Trademark Law“

Online Course: Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid System

The online course will provide you with in-depth and practical knowledge of how the Madrid system functions and of its latest developments.

online 06. - 27.10.2022
Online Course: Patent & Trade Secret Protection Strategies in China

Given the significant global importance of China, European IP practitioners need to have a keen sense of strategic and legal opportunities and threats when doing business with China.

online 10. - 11.10.2022
Online Course: IP Agreements - R&D Agreements

Participants, doing business in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment, will be enabled to address difficult situations when designing and negotiating IP related agreements in cross-border projects.

online 11.10.2022
Online Course: International Classification of Goods and Services

This live webcast course deals with how to specify correct goods and services and to establish a well-protected trademark. Obtain in-depth information here.

online 19. - 20.10.2022