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Access and Benefit Sharing Workshop

This workshop aims at providing attendees with insight into the access and benefit sharing legal regime and tips and tricks for tackling practical ABS problems.

  • Heidelberg / 01.07.2020

IP and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This practical course deals with the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on intellectual property practice. Attendees will be provided with valuable knowledge as well as practical methods and tools using digital patents in digital business models.

  • Amsterdam / 09. - 10.07.2020

International Classification of Goods and Services

How to find the right Nice Classificaiton - Here you will get in-depth information.

  • Amsterdam / 29.09.2020

In-Depth Course: Trademark and Design

This course provides guidance on uncommon parts of the procedures, explaining the major steps to be taken and the best practices to avoid further complications. In addition, the major differences and difficulties in states outside Europe are covered to provide a more global view.

  • Amsterdam / 21.10.2020

IP Key Metrics

This course is about key metrics for IP. Attendees will learn how to measure IP KPIs.

  • Amsterdam / 21.10.2020

IP Risk Management

This course is about techniques and tools for IP risk mitigation. Attendees will learn how to set up a proper IP risk management process.

  • Amsterdam / 22.10.2020