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Learn the most effective approach to managing portfolios and developing IP strategies in our seminars and courses.

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Online Course: Patent Portfolio Management

Learn in this online course how to improve your patent portfolio management skills. Get more information and register here!

online 16/02/2023
Online course: IP Risk Management

This FORUM!Live online course is about techniques and tools for IP risk mitigation. Attendees will learn how to set up a proper IP risk management process.

online 28/02/2023
Online Course: The UPC Case Management System

This course enables attendees to master the intricacies of the UPC Case Management System.

online 13-14/03/2023
Online Course: EU Design Law

Our speakers will suggest authoritative answers to key problems of EU design law and give an update on most recent case-law.

online 15/03/2023
Online Course: UPC Mock Trial

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is expected to be fully operational from 1st June 2023 on. In order for you to be prepared for the proceedings before the UPC, we have set up this online course.

online 16/03/2023
Heidelberg Licensing Spring Course

This course will outline the principles of licensing and examine every stage, from taking the decision to license, through negotiation to an in-depth analysis of an international license to what happens after the agreement has been signed.

Heidelberg 21-22/03/2023
Online Course: The Agile IP Department

This Forum!Live online course aims at providing attendees with the mindset, the methodology and the tools to move a traditional IP department to an agile IP department.

online 22/03/2023
Online Course: Trade Secrets - Asset Management and Protection

This live webcast course provides essential understanding of statutory and contractual trade secret protection especially against insider and outsider theft. The online course assists in the organization of statutory and contractual instruments and helps to understand their impact on corporate life.

online 23/03/2023
Online Course: US Patent Applications for European Practitioners

This online course centers around an interactive case study that provides participants with a hands-on analysis of US patent law in comparison to European Law. Special attention will be paid to US practice in the post-AIA world.

online 31/03/2023
Online Course: IP Agreements - Patent License Agreements

Participants, doing business in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment, will be enabled to address difficult situations when designing and negotiating IP related agreements in cross-border projects.

online 20/04/2023
Online Course: Improving IP Management - How to Use the DIN 77006 Quality Standard

This online course teaches participants how to have IP management processes optimized.

online 27/04/2023
Online Course: IP Key Metrics

This FORUM!Live online course is about key metrics for IP. Attendees will learn how to measure IP KPIs.

online 27/04/2023
Online Course: IP Strategy

IP Strategy! - the interactive online course which helps you setting up convincing IP strategy plans.

online 10-12/05/2023
e-Learning: Patent Portfolio Generation and Management

This e-learning will familiarise you with patent portfolio management.