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Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid System

The course will provide you with in-depth and practical knowledge of how the Madrid system functions and of its latest developments.

  • Amsterdam / 28. - 29.09.2017

U.S. Trademark Formalities

Must attend seminar for everyone wanting to get deeper insights into the process of US trademark applications.

  • Amsterdam / 12.10.2017

Sufficiency of Disclosure in EPO Applications (Art. 83 EPO)

Our speakers will help you to gain an in-depth understanding of Art 83 EPC. After the course, you will be able to better balance the needs for disclosing the necessary information for the European patent application and keeping important features of the invention secret for other jurisdictions.

  • Amsterdam / 26.10.2017

Added Subject-Matter in EPO Applications and Patents (Art. 123(2) EPO)

The concept of added subject-matter for an application or a patent under Art. 123(2) EPC is a very important concept in European patent law.

  • Amsterdam / 27.10.2017

Patent Valuation Workshop

Train how to detect sufficient procedures for concrete valuations and improve your value calculation skills! Our patent valuation workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to train their patent valuation skills through four case studies which become more and more difficult, thus preparing them for future patent valuation challenges. Attendees will need to compute throughout the course.

  • Amsterdam / 08. - 09.11.2017

16th International Trademark Conference 2017

FORUM Institut’s 16th Trademark provides trademark practitioners from around the world with the opportunity to meet EUIPO examiners and international trademark law experts and facilitates fruitful discussions.

  • Alicante / 08. - 09.11.2017

US Patent Applications for European Practitioners

This practical course centers around an interactive case study that provides participants with a hands-on analysis of US patent law in comparison to European Law. Special attention will be paid to US practice in the post-AIA world.

  • Amsterdam / 15.11.2017

The Patent Roadmap

This practical course will guide you through the 'Patent Roadmap'. Our speakers will show you how to implement, monitor and secure the necessary processes. You will learn which process steps need to be taken what decisions have to be made. The most important decision-making aids will be presented.

  • Amsterdam / 15. - 16.11.2017

Pharma/Chemistry: EPO Case Law Update

The most important published and unpublished decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemistry will be presented.

  • Amsterdam / 16.11.2017

IP Manager

The IP Manager course was developed in cooperation with experienced IP managers from the International Institute for IP Management (I³PM) working in the industry and private practice. Each course day includes a mix of theory and practice. The course content has been chosen with regard to practical application in daily practice.

  • Den Haag / 16.11. - 09.12.2017