Events for „IP-Management“

Learn the most effective approach to managing portfolios and developing IP strategies in our seminars and courses.

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EPAC 2024: Exam Prep And Mock

A successful EPAC 2022 participant will pass on his tips and tricks so that attendees for the EPAC will be well prepared. Integral part of the course is a real-time mock.

online 19/09/2024
US Patent Applications for European Practitioners

This online course centers around an interactive case study that provides participants with a hands-on analysis of US patent law in comparison to European Law. Special attention will be paid to US practice in the post-AIA world.

online 24/09/2024
How to manage IP risks

This online course is about techniques and tools for IP risk mitigation. Attendees will learn how to set up a proper IP risk management process.

online 24/09/2024
EPO Case-Law Update

Update for patent practitioners & EQE candidates: Each year the boards of appeal of the European Patent Office hand down more than 2000 decisions. These decisions set the standard for interpreting and applying the European Patent Convention (EPC).

online 26/09/2024
Trade Secrets: Asset Management and Protection

This online course provides essential understanding of statutory and contractual trade secret protection especially against insider and outsider theft. The online course assists in the organization of statutory and contractual instruments and helps to understand their impact on corporate life.

online 26/09/2024
AI Patent Application Drafting

Learn how to write AI patent applications which get granted and are infringed upon! This online course will give you the best practical tips to improve your skills in drafting applications for AI patents. Apply your knowledge in a practical test including feedback from our expert speakers.

online 07/10/2024
Design Protection in the European Union

Our speakers will suggest authoritative answers to key problems of EU design law and give an update on most recent case-law.

online 08/10/2024
IP Management in Practice

The IP Management in Practice online course was developed in cooperation with a network of experienced IP Managers, IP Directors, and Heads of IP working in various industries and from private practice. Each course day includes a mix of theory and practice. The course content has been chosen with regard to practical application in daily practice.

online 15/10/-15/11/2024
European Patent Drafting Camp

Our speakers will give you tips and tricks on EP claim drafting and will show you which pitfalls to avoid.

online 16-17/10/2024
UPC CMS Update And Clinic

This course enables attendees to get up to date on the UPC Case Management System and to master the most common problems when using the UPC CMS.

online 24/10/2024
Agile meets IP

This online course aims at providing attendees with the mindset, the methodology and the tools to move a traditional IP department to an agile IP department.

online 24/10/2024
IP Agreements - Patent License Agreements

Participants, doing business in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment, will be enabled to address difficult situations when designing and negotiating patent license agreements in cross-border projects.

online 24/10/2024
Antibody Patenting

This one-day training course is about drafting, prosecuting and enforcing antibody patents, with a focus on European practice.

München 07/11/2024
The Management of Patent Portfolios

Learn how to manage a patent portfolio with insights from a seasoned patent portfolio manager. Get more information and register here!

online 12/11/2024
The IP Strategist

The IP Strategist - the interactive online and attendance-based course which improves your IP strategy skills

online 12-26/11/2024
Employee Inventions and International R&D

This online course shall provide a sound overview about different local laws in important countries in EU and beyond with respect to employee invention rights. It shall enable the participants to address complex situations when designing and negotiating agreements for cross-border R&D.

online 28/11/2024
Freedom-to-Operate: Search and Analysis

Our experienced speakers will help you to be prepared for FTO challenges when your company or your client wants to introduce new products or enhance existing ones. They will discuss with you best practices for setting up time and cost sensitive FTO searches and drafting effective FTO opinions.

online 03/12/2024
Generative AI Workshop for Patent Practitioners

Join our one-day course and discover how to revolutionize your patent work with the power of generative AI. This immersive workshop offers patent attorneys, counsels, and engineers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with generative AI.

online 05/12/2024
e-Learning: Patent Portfolio Generation and Management

This e-learning will familiarise you with patent portfolio management.