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Our online courses enable you to discuss issues with other participants, just like in a regular attendance-based seminar, supported by an array of technical and learning aids.

Your personal contact for any questions

Lisa Brox
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Your benefits!

  • Listen to the speaker while viewing the presentation slides.
  • See all speakers and other participants with a webcam.
  • Ask questions using audio, video or the chat function.
  • Access and work on the seminar documents live, and download them to your device.
  • Discuss specific questions with speakers in one-to-one sessions.
  • Review what you have learned by accessing the live recording.
  • Access technical support directly.
  • Receive certification bearing the relevant seminar information.
  • Learn in a pre-meeting how to best set up your online working place.
  • With our customer portal, you receive access to the FORUM Institut's learning space with all important information.

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Learn more about our online courses

What you should know about our online courses:
Your learning environment
… at our online courses can be adapted to your specific needs and technical capabilities. Further information is available in the ‘Learning environment’ section.

Full interactivity
… brings the seminar to life. Speakers and participants are all connected in the virtual classroom: they can see and hear each other, ask and follow up on questions, and participate in discussions just like in attendance-based seminars. Further information is available in the ‘Technology’ section.
Interacting with other participants
… makes a seminar especially valuable. This also applies to our online courses.

Specific questions
… also have a place and time at our online courses. If you still have burning questions for the speaker, you can discuss these directly in a one-to-one session at the end of the seminar—just you and the speaker.

Comprehensive service and support
… are also an integral part of our programme and decisive for effective and sustainable knowledge transfer. We supervise each seminar to ensure that all goes well. We also invite all participants to a live test seminar a few days before the actual seminar where we demonstrate how everything works and provide tips on the various settings.

The FORUM Institut learning space

On the FORUM Institut learning space you will find all the information you need in one place.
The FORUM Institut learning space is the linchpin of your success in participating in seminars on intellectual property.
Interested? You can view our current list of FORUM online seminars here.  

Learning Environment

Design your personal view and learning environment

You can create your own learning environment at our online courses and modify it during the seminar based on your specific needs and technical capabilities.
Work with two monitors: simply adjust the content displayed on each screen as you like it. More on this below.

If you do not have two monitors, you can also use a laptop or tablet as an additional monitor.

Here are two examples of how you can split the content on two monitors:

If you only have one monitor, you can view just the speaker

or alternatively all participants and the speaker.

Other available options are available here:

You could also use the chat function and have this and/or the other participants displayed too:

To start the seminar directly using your preferred view, we will show you all the options in the pre-meeting where you will also be able to test all the functions.

Interested? You can view our current list of our online seminars on intellectual property here

What you need to run our online courses

You can run our online courses on any device: a Windows or Mac desktop computer or laptop, a tablet or your smartphone.

We recommend you use at least a desktop computer or laptop, since the screen is larger and using a mouse is easier than using a touchpad, and two monitors.
A very useful feature of our online courses is that you can run it concurrently on two devices. Examples are available in the ‘Learning environment’ section.

A microphone and loudspeaker are required in any event. If you use a laptop, tablet or smartphone, these are usually already built in.

We could also provide telephone access if required.

you can also use a headset if you wish. We recommend a microphone and loudspeaker because this is more comfortable and eliminates the risk of accidentally dipping your headset’s microphone in your coffee, tea or other beverage as you distractedly take a sip.
Technically, a webcam is not mandatory. You should, however, have one available, as it considerably enhances interaction with the speaker and other participants.

If you do not have a webcam, use a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a built-in webcam in addition to your desktop computer. As mentioned previously, you can run Forum!Live concurrently on two devices. Further information is available in the ‘Learning environment’ section. We will also provide practical tips and assistance during the pre-meeting, where you can also try out the most suitable settings for yourself.  

Of course, you need an Internet connection. In our experience, a reliable 4 Mbit download and 1.5 Mbit upload connection is sufficient. You can check this on (after the test runs automatically, click ‘Show more info’).

 If you are concerned that your firewall may block access, please call our technical support on +49 6221 500 535 or send an email to Please make sure the device you will be using is available. Our support team will clarify whether and how you can access Forum!Live. If you already use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Vimeo or YouTube on your computer and have audio access, you can access our seminar in any event.

In summary
You have:
  • (only) a loudspeaker
    • You can see and hear the speaker(s), presentation and other participants
    • You yourself can ask questions using the chat function or a telephone
  • a loudspeaker and microphone, or a headset
    • You can ask questions and actively participate; the speaker(s) and all other participants will hear you  
  • a webcam
    • the speaker(s) and other participants can see you and hear you

How to register for your online seminar

On our website
Select your online course and start registration by clicking ‘Book now’.
By email
Send an email to and let us know which seminar you would like to register for. It is important that you provide the full name of the participant, the address and, if different, the billing address.
By telephone
Please call our registration hotline on +49 6221 500 500.
After registering, you will receive
… a registration confirmation email and an invoice. If you are not yet registered on our customer portal, you will receive in addition the login data for the customer portal.
Unless other provisions apply (see our terms and conditions), our general cancellation terms also apply to our online seminars. You may cancel your registration up to two weeks before the first day of the seminar against payment of a fee of €50 and up to one week before the first day of the seminar against payment of half the fee. After that, the full fee shall be due.

Course offer

We are continuously updating and extending our online training portfolio.
This includes:
  • Seminars
  • Courses
  • Training courses
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • IP Management
  • Employee inventions
  • Licences
  • IP agreements

Interested? You can view our current list of our online seminars here.