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Flexible learning in an individual setting

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Flexible, convenient online training

We offer a range of online training courses that are digital, modern and flexible. You can take part in comfort from wherever you are. They are designed based on the latest trends and technologies. Interaction and individuality are very much at the heart of our online training. 

We are happy to provide you with individual advice

We have an extensive range of training courses. We are happy to advise on which courses suit your requirements best. Contact us today to take advice from our training experts. 
Either by email, by telephone or using our chat function. We look forward to hearing from you. Please also contact us if you need advice on training options for your whole company. One of our team can advise you on the extensive cooperation options. 

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Make the most of our online training

  • Webcasts with proven experts 
  • Consolidated information over short periods of time, whether in your workplace or travelling 
  • No travel and accommodation costs 
  • Compatible with mobile devices 
  • Additional documents to download 
  • Optional assessments and the option to download a qualification certificate 

The customer portal: Access to your individual learning space

Benefits: A single login, all our services.

A personalised customer portal is available to our current and prospective customers free of charge.

Through the customer portal, you can access FORUM Institut’s learning space, which is home to not only your training courses, but also many other services and additional information.

Once you have logged in, you can conveniently download brochures in PDF format.
Your customer portal at a glance

In the customer portal you can …
  • start your online and e-learning events directly,
  • download the course documents,
  • download your certificate (if applicable),
  • view your invoices and
  • keep track of past and future training courses.
You will also find …
  • free whitepapers,
  • learning nuggets such as knowledge tests,
  • other interesting specialised information,
  • the option to contact a training advisor,
  • the contact details of the service team,
  • an FAQ section and
  • explainer videos.

New platform for online and face-to-face events: Our Learning Space

From now on, our live online events will take place in the Learning Space, our new platform. At the same time, further information (documentation, list of participants, event evaluation, program) is also available there for your face-to-face events.

The Learning Space is our new one-stop shop for events, serving as the hub of our digital and hybrid events, while supporting our in-person events. The biggest benefit of this solution is that we have a platform capable of bringing together participants and speakers at all times, regardless of time and location.

The Learning Space enables you to view a video stream of the event, access related documents and media, and exchange ideas in a number of manners. Be it group work, voting or surveys, the Learning Space has all the relevant features conveniently packaged into one platform, transforming learning together into a truly unforgettable experience.
New Learning Space FAQ

We have compiled all the relevant information you will need to find your way around our new Learning Space right away and learn about all its benefits and features in a single FAQ document.

Your customer portal: Registration and login

From user account to customer portal

If you already have a FORUM Institut user account, you can log in to the new customer portal using your current login details (email address and password).

If you do not have access to the customer portal yet, you can register here



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What are the courses like and what do they involve?

You can access a wide range of services and benefit from a modern, high-tech online learning experience: 

• Live webcasts with proven experts 
• Consolidated information in condensed periods, from your workplace or while travelling 
• No time away from the office, thus reducing costs 
• Compatible with mobile devices 
• Additional documents and/or exercises to download 
• Optional assessments and the option to download a qualification certificate 
How does it work? 
• In your customer portal at you will find all further information and personal documents. You can also start your online seminars from there. If you do not yet have access to the customer portal, you can easily register at
• You can test Zoom in advance at
What do you need? 

How does the world of online learning work? 
The online seminars are live and interactive. They are managed and led by our speakers. You can take part from anywhere you want using the device of your choice. You can see the presentation documents and listen to what our speaker has to say using internet telephony (VoIP) or a traditional telephone line. You can also ask questions live using the chat function. 
1. Log in to your customer portal at
2. By clicking on your event, you will be redirected to our Learning Space. This is where your training will take place. 
3. You can use a headset, loudspeaker or telephone to play the audio. 
4. Now you can hear the speaker and see their presentation. 
5. You can ask questions via the chat function. 

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How do I book online trainings and where can I find the price?
You can book the online training via the relevant course pages on our website. These include the prices as well as an overview of the training. You can also book by email or telephone at any time.

Where can I find my online training?
After booking, you will find your event in your customer portal under 'Further education'. There you can access the event or the e-Learning via the button 'Participate'. 

What are the system requirements?
You need a stable internet connection. For an optimal learning experience, we recommend using the current version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Under Windows, Google Chrome would also be possible, for example. 
You will need a headset, speakers or telephone to transmit the sound. 
More information can be found here. 

Can I run a meeting test in advance?
In the customer portal, click on the green 'Participate' button for your booked event and you will be forwarded directly to the Learning Space. If you see the page for your event, then you have logged in successfully. Now check whether the conference room (see menu on the left) is active: if you see the message 'Meeting has not yet started', you are ready to attend your online event.

Do I need to use a PC headset for the online seminar?
No, our Learning Space not only supports all standard PC microphones and loudspeakers, but also dial-in from a telephone line. However, working with a PC headset is a lot more comfortable for online seminars.

How often can I repeat assessments?
In your e-Learnings you have 5 attempts to successfully complete the assessment.

How will I receive my certificate?
In live online trainings, you will find your certificate in your user account under the respective event on the day after the event. 
In case of e-Learnings, you have the opportunity to test your knowledge through assessments. After passing, you will immediately be displayed your certificate for download.

Is there a discount if I book multiple courses?
Yes, there is a discount for multiple bookings. Please contact us.

Feedback from our participants

“Everything was very well organised.” 
(Kseniia Kozlova, Berlin-Chemie AG, CAPA management in pharmacovigilance) 
“The Zoom meeting worked really well. I can really recommend it.” 
“The overall selection was excellent! I also enjoyed the seminar format (online)!” 
“It was great the way you found such a quick solution to keep everything (especially seminars) going as normal!” 
“A big thank you for making it possible to carry out seminars on an online basis! And top marks to all the speakers!” 
“Perfect organisation of the online GDP conference. It was arranged quickly and without complications. I didn’t expect that, nor did I expect the level of quality. Very professional!” 
“The technical side of things went very well.” 

“A good overview of current developments in MDR and national legislation, with expert speakers. The seminar was very well organised and the limited number of participants meant there was plenty of time for questions by those taking part.” 
(Dr Melanie May, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Servona GmbH) 
“An interesting seminar that in some ways confirmed we are heading in the right direction in our everyday work.” 
(Nina Gruber, MSD Sharp&Dohme GmbH) 
“The added benefit is that you don’t have to leave the office!” 
“Very authentic, with lots of very helpful insights into best practice and the real world of multi-channel launches. The best and most helpful presentation I have seen.” 
“Very practical and helpful for the area I am currently working in.”