Quality management

The quality criteria of the FORUM Institut

Our claim to quality

“For more than 40 years, the FORUM Institut has offered up-to-date, practical and, above all, high quality training courses. As a premium provider, transparent and comprehensive quality management is not only a matter of course, it is what we base all our business processes on.

But the best way to convince yourself about our comprehensive measures and requirements is to take part in one of our forthcoming training courses.'


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel

The quality criteria of the FORUM Institut

As a private public partnership between the European Union and EFPIA, IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) has defined nine quality criteria for professional training and continuous professional development in Europe. Since 2012, we have been meeting these criteria in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector, and, as of 2018, the quality criteria apply to all courses across the company.

As a LifeTrain signatory, the FORUM Institut is an active partner in the further development and optimisation of these quality standards. In order to obtain external confirmation, we have also subjected our quality system to an external audit. We are very proud to confirm that the PharmaTrain Federation has rated our quality management system as excellent and well in excess of the IMI requirements. The FORUM Institut für Management is thus entitled to call itself a PharmaTrain Center.

The nine quality criteria for the whole FORUM Institut are set out in our quality charter. For each quality criterion, this charter contains a chapter with instructions to be followed for every course.

The charter is subject to an internal review once a year.