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IP Agreements: Patent License Agreements

Participants, doing business in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment, will be enabled to address difficult situations when designing and negotiating IP related agreements in cross-border projects.

  • Amsterdam / 20.03.2020

Global Patent Litigation Strategies

This practical course is a practitioner's guide on how and where to win global patent litigation cases. One lead speaker and author of a standard reference and three speakers from different industries cover all relevant angles of global patent litigation.

  • München / 24.03.2020

EU Design Law

Our speakers will suggest authoritative answers to key problems of EU design law and give an update on most recent case-law.

  • Amsterdam / 24.03.2020

Digital Patents: Essentials

Computer-implemented inventions are now wide-spread in areas such as telecommunications, automotive or medical engineering. Drafting patent claims and IP strategies for software innovations show considerable differences in detail. Learn the particularities and train to draft better claims for software innovations!

  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 31.03.2020

Digital Patents: Claim Drafting

Learn how to write digital patent applications which get granted and are infringed upon! This course will give you the best practical tips to improve your skills in drafting claims for digital patents. Apply your knowledge in a practical test including feedback from our speaker, an experienced litigation expert.

  • Amsterdam / Leiden / 01.04.2020

Patent Claim Construction

Four leading lawyers from the four most important jurisdictions will teach patent claim construction in the UK, in the US, in the Netherlands and in Germany in this one-day seminar.

  • Amsterdam / 02.04.2020

Patent & Trade Secret Protection Strategies in China

Given the significant global importance of China, European IP practitioners need to have a keen sense of strategic and legal opportunities and threats when doing business with China.

  • Amsterdam / 02.04.2020

Professional Trademark Search

This course will provide guidance on the basics of professional trademark searches.

  • Amsterdam / 23. - 24.04.2020

US & EU Licensing

This course provides drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing US law.

  • München / 23. - 24.04.2020

CRM Client Relationship Management

The goal of the seminar is to transmit to the participants both the practical and theoretical skills which are necessary for creating a competitive advantage by bringing customer centricity to the core of operations.

  • Frankfurt / Offenbach / 28. - 29.04.2020
  • Frankfurt / 25. - 26.06.2020