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Learn when, where and how you want with our high-quality e-learning programmes about medicinal products and medical devices.

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e-Learning: Market Access for Medical Devices in Germany

Our e-learning "Market Access for Medical Devices in Germany" gives you a comprehensive insight into the market access of medical devices in Germany. It consists of the two parts "Market Access for Medical Devices - The NUB Process" and "Reimbursement for the German Healthcare Market". Book both parts together here and receive a 20% discount compared to booking them individually.

Crash Course: Medical Device Regulation

Learn the essentials of the MDR and how to navigate around the legislation and to apply it.

online 19/10/2023
PharmaFORUM Webcast International

Our global and local experts will update you every two months with the latest regulatory and legislative developments. Thus, you will always have the essential information and trends in regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance at your fingertips!

e-Learning: Medical Device Advisor (MPDG)

With our e-learning specially tailored to medical device consultants, you will receive the knowledge essential for medical device advisors - so that you can move about in your everyday professional life with legal certainty!

e-Learning: Stability Testing in the ICH Region

This e-Learning programme will focus on stability testing for chemical and biological products in the ICH region.

e-Learning: CTD Module 3

This e-Learning programme will familiarise you with the data requirements in CTD Module 3.

e-Learning: Reimbursement for the German Healthcare Market

This e-learning provides a comprehensive understanding of reimbursement in the German healthcare market, covering outpatient and inpatient sectors, digital health applications, and upcoming changes like hybrid DRGs and hospital reform. Stay informed and up-to-date on these significant changes in the German healthcare system.

e-Learning: Market Access for Medical Devices - The NUB Process

The e-learning provides a comprehensive understanding of the German healthcare system, market access and reimbursement of medical devices, with a particular focus on the NUB process. Get insider knowledge from our speaker and place your product successfully on the German market.

e-Learning: Common Technical Document & eCTD

Do you need know how regarding CTD/eCTD & CMC? Then this e-learning programme is the fast track to becoming knowledgeable in this field. No prior dossier experience is required.

e-Learning: Introduction to EU Marketing Authorisation

This e-learning programme will familiarise you with the regulatory affairs principles involved in applying for a marketing authorisation in Europe (MRP, DCP, CP) . It will also introduce you to post-authorisation duties (renewal, variation...).

e-Learning: EU Variation System & Procedures

This e-Learning programme will provide you with detailed knowledge on the classification, grouping and submission of variations in the EU.