Events for „EU Funds“

IT Tools to Support Programme Implementation

Struggling with the complexities of IT tools for EU and national funding programme implementation? Join our seminar to unlock the solutions you need. We'll guide you through tackling the challenges, ensuring your programmes run smoothly and efficiently.

Frankfurt 16-17/09/2024
The basics of auditing EU Funds

Wondering how to navigate the complexities of EU Fund audits? Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 consolidates rules for the ESI Funds, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund, the AMIF, the ISF, and the BMVI. While there may be nuances between these funds, the foundational principles of auditing remain consistent. Our seminar is designed to assist professionals embarking on their journey with these funds.

online 19/09/2024
Preparing for Mid-Term Review

In the current programming period, Art. 18 of the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) has introduced a few changes to performance-oriented programming for ERDF, ESF+, Cohesion Fund and JTF-supported programmes. Our two-day seminar offers an immersive and practical training for the Funds implementation.

Frankfurt 23-24/09/2024
Closure of 2014 - 2020 Operational Programmes

Optimizing the closure of operational programs can often feel like a daunting and arduous task. Allow us to simplify your workload.

online 26/09/2024
Certification Audit of EU Agricultural Funds (EAGF, EAFRD) Expenditures in the Programming Period 2023-2027

Familiarize yourself with and explore the basic regulatory requirements and certification audit guidelines for auditing EU agricultural funds expenditures in the 2023-2027 programming period.

online 05-06/11/2024
Checks & Audits in the Financial Management of ESI Funds in 2021-2027 (incl. RRF)

Dive into the intricacies of financial management for European Structural and Investment (ESI) funds, including the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), in the 2021-2027 period. Join our seminar to explore the latest strategies, checks, and audits crucial for effective fund utilization and accountability.

online 07/11/2024
Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds and AMIF/ISF/BMVI

Are you working on EU-funded projects and looking to optimize the funding process while mastering all the practical aspects of the design, assessment and implementation of SCOs in 2021-2027? Join our seminar to unlock the solutions you need. We'll guide you through tackling the challenges, ensuring your programmes run smoothly and efficiently.

online 13-14/11/2024
Public Procurement in ESI and AMIF/BMVI/ISF Funds - Audit and Financial Corrections

Join us for an intensive one-day seminar delving into the intricacies of public procurement for ESI Funds. Through a hands-on approach, gain a thorough understanding of the legal framework and the verification/audit processes inherent in public procurement for ESI Funds.

online 21/11/2024
Communication in EU Projects

Unlock the power of communication within EU projects! Join us as we delve into innovative strategies, from mastering monitoring techniques to harnessing the power of social media and AI Apps, all aimed at crafting compelling and engaging project narratives.

Frankfurt 28-29/11/2024
Unlocking Investment in Biodiversity Finance

In the face of constrained EU and national budgets, innovative funding is needed to support the implementation of biodiversity objectives. Be part of the conversation as we unravel the current challenges and explore solutions for financing biodiversity and our future.

Prague 04/12/2024