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IP strategy


IP strategy

Companies face different situations today when moving into a strategic approach to IP management. This white paper aims to summarize these situations and reflects the views of ~400 IP and innovation professionals working in IP and innovation (R&D, R&I or the like) departments in a wide range of companies (large and SMEs), patent law firms and other organizations. The document is a compilation of both positive and less positive experiences, i.a. on the design, the implementation and the execution of the IP plan.

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IP strategy


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Webcast: Digital Patents - EPO Case Law Update

This live webcast provides you regularly with the detailed presentation of the EPO's Boards of Appeal on computer-implemented inventions and their impact on your prosecution practice.

PharmaFORUM Webcast Biologics "CMC requirements for new excipients"

Our biotech experts will provide you with the latest information on issues related to development, quality and regulatory affairs of biologics every month in a two-hour webcast, in particular with regard to CMC.

Online 01.11. - 31.10.2022
Online 01.12. - 30.11.2022
Online 01.01. - 31.12.2022
Online 01.02. - 31.01.2023
Online 01.03. - 28.02.2023
Online 01.04. - 31.03.2023
Online 01.05. - 30.04.2023
Online 01.06. - 31.05.2023
Online 01.07. - 30.06.2023
Online 01.08. - 31.07.2023
Online 01.09. - 31.08.2023
Online 01.10. - 30.09.2023
Online 01.11. - 31.10.2023
Online 01.12. - 30.11.2023
Marketing Authorisation in ASIA

Essential know-how on the current regulatory framework of the various countries will be addressed in this seminar.

Online 19. - 21.10.2021
Online Course: Quo vadis, SPC?

Our speaker, one of the leading SPC experts in Europe, will discuss the SPC referrals to the ECJ with you. He will put the decisions in context and will show you the consequences for national court practice and for your application practice.

Online 20. - 22.10.2021
Online Course: Digital Patents

Learn how to write digital patent applications which get granted and are infringed upon! This online course will give you the best practical tips to improve your skills in drafting claims for digital patents. Apply your knowledge in a practical test including feedback from our speaker, an experienced litigation expert.

Online 21. - 22.10.2021
Online Course: IP Department - Best Practices & Digitization

This Forum!Live online course aims at providing a toolbox for improving procedures and outcomes of the IP department. This should facilitate making the IP department even a more costsensitive profit center.

Online 25. - 26.10.2021
CMC Management in Regulatory Affairs

This online training will give you in-depth knowledge on the CMC requirements for marketing authorisation. Take the chance to participate in our virtual seminar via Zoom.

Online 26. - 27.10.2021
Supplier Management for Medical Devices

An up-to-date overview of and insights into supplier management for medical devices and related activities: Find the right balance between compliance, costs and quality, and learn how to implement your own effective vendor management.

Online 26.10.2021
Online Course: In-Depth Course: Patent and Utility Model

This online course provides guidance on uncommon parts of the procedures, explaining the major steps to be taken and the best practices to avoid further complications. In addition, the major differences and difficulties in states outside Europe are covered to provide a more global view.

Online 27.10.2021
Online Course: FTO in Practice: Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

In this FORUM!Live online course our experienced speakers will help you to be prepared for FTO challenges when your company or your client wants to introduce new products or enhance existing ones. They will discuss with you best practices for setting up time and cost sensitive FTO searches and drafting effective FTO opinions.

Online 28.10.2021