IP strategy

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IP strategy

Companies face different situations today when moving into a strategic approach to IP management. This white paper aims to summarize these situations and reflects the views of ~400 IP and innovation professionals working in IP and innovation (R&D, R&I or the like) departments in a wide range of companies (large and SMEs), patent law firms and other organizations. The document is a compilation of both positive and less positive experiences, i.a. on the design, the implementation and the execution of the IP plan.

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White paper

IP strategy


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Trade Secrets: Asset Management and Protection

This live webcast course provides essential understanding of statutory and contractual trade secret protection especially against insider and outsider theft. The online course assists in the organization of statutory and contractual instruments and helps to understand their impact on corporate life.

online 05/03/2024
online 26/09/2024
IP Agreements - Patent License Agreements

Participants, doing business in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment, will be enabled to address difficult situations when designing and negotiating patent license agreements in cross-border projects.

online 13/03/2024
Improving IP Management - How to Use the DIN 77006 Quality Standard

This online course teaches participants how to have IP management processes optimized.

online 14/03/2024
All about ATMP

The online seminar with details on development, quality, CMC, approval and market access for advanced therapy medicinal products. Secure your place in our virtual seminar via Zoom.

online 14-15/03/2024
Generative AI (incl. ChatGPT) for Patent Practitioners

Join our one-day course and discover how to revolutionize your patent work with the power of generative AI. This immersive workshop offers patent attorneys, counsels, and engineers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with generative AI.

online 21/03/2024
online 04/07/2024
IP Key Metrics

This FORUM!Live online course is about key metrics for IP. Attendees will learn how to measure IP KPIs.

online 16/04/2024
Drug Market Access & Pricing in Europe

Online seminar on Market Access & Pricing in Europe - this is how you can gain access as a pharmaceutical manufacturer!

online 22-23/04/2024
Agile meets IP

This online course aims at providing attendees with the mindset, the methodology and the tools to move a traditional IP department to an agile IP department.

online 23/04/2024
online 24/10/2024
AI Patent Application Drafting

Learn how to write AI patent applications which get granted and are infringed upon! This online course will give you the best practical tips to improve your skills in drafting applications for AI patents. Apply your knowledge in a practical test including feedback from our expert speakers.

online 25/04/2024
Combatting Fraud and Corruption - The Anti-Fraud Game Revisited

In an era of rapid change and digital transformation, where fraudsters are constantly evolving their tactics, we need to master the latest techniques in the fight against corruption. The 2024 edition of the anti-fraud game is designed to provide you with the essential tools and skills against fraud and corruption, in an engaging and fun learning journey.

Heidelberg 25-26/04/2024
Patent Due Diligence

Our speakers will show you strategies for a Patent Due Diligence. You will learn how a Patent Due Diligence can be conducted efficiently. You will be able to test your Patent Due Diligence skills by the means of practical exercises under the guidance of the speakers.

online 14/05/2024