Value Added Medicines

Reformulation, repurposing, repositioning - in this course you will learn about the options and possible hurdles to overcome in the development and market access of your drug.

  • München / 04.09.2019

PV audits & inspection strategies - Day 1: Risk based PV audits

Our experts will help you to identify risks in your PV system and will provide you with helpful methods to adjust your audit processes and strategies.

  • Bonn / 12.09.2019

PV audits & inspection strategies - Day 2: Pharmacovigilance Inspection Readiness

Our course will provide insights into the current pharmacovigilance inspection strategy in Europe. Learn all you need to know about the differences in the inspections and about the different requirements in this training.

  • Bonn / 13.09.2019

Nuovi obblighi per i Produttori di Dispositivi Medici

Nuovi obblighi per i Produttori di Dispositivi Medici

  • Milano / 16.09.2019

Performance-Driven Payments in Europe

Payment of high-priced drugs in the UK, BeNeLuxAI, Italy and Germany - this is where you'll get to know current and upcoming pricing models.

  • Berlin / 18.09.2019

Scientific Writing for Medical Devices

This course will show you how to write scientific documents such as a clinical evaluation in good and readable English that is appropriate to your audience, while complying with the regulatory requirements.

  • München / 18. - 19.09.2019

Marketing Authorisation in Latin America

A course to discuss real cases/challenges for marketing authorisation in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil with local experts from Brazil and Spain.

  • Frankfurt-Raunheim / 23. - 24.09.2019

Sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope

Sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope

  • Milano / 25.09.2019

Decreto attuativo della Legge Lorenzin

Decreto attuativo della Legge Lorenzin

  • Milano / 25.09.2019

CMC Management in Regulatory Affairs

This course will give you an in-depth knowledge on the CMC requirements for the marketing authorisation.

  • Amsterdam / 25. - 26.09.2019
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