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Learn all about clinical research and medical affairs. Our courses address the needs of workers in clinical trials, MSLs and medical advisors, and cover topics such as medical science communication.

Current Medical Affairs Trends 2024

Digital Transformation in Medical Affairs

online 23/05/2024
Medical Devices in China

Would you like to successfully approve and market your medical devices in China as well? Then attend our webcasts and learn more about market potential and product approvals. Our local experts will provide you with comprehensive information - especially on the subject of approval and risks that exist for European medical device manufacturers or importers.

online 04-05/06/2024
Masterclass China: Medical Device Marketing Authorisation for Advanced

Interested in establishing a strong presence in the Chinese medical devices market? Join our training to gain valuable insights into the latest Chinese regulations governing medical devices, and discover strategies to optimize your pre-market registration and post-market surveillance. Benefit from the expertise of our local specialists, who will share up-to-date information to enhance your success

online 10-11/09/2024
Webcast series "Development of RNA-based drugs and oligonucleotides"

RNA-based drugs and oligonucleotides: gain a solid understanding of the complexities involved in the development and regulatory approval of RNA-based drugs and oligonucleotides. Meet outstanding and longtermin experienced experts in the field of research.

online 11/09/-11/12/2024
GxP-Regulated Archiving

Get practical expertise for the GMP, GLP and GCP-compliant archiving of relevant documents and the efficient integration of the archiving system into your daily work processes. The three experts will show you some practical approaches to typical pitfalls.

online 24/09/2024