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Patent & Trade Secret Protection Strategies in China

Given the significant global importance of China, European IP practitioners need to have a keen sense of strategic and legal opportunities and threats when doing business with China.

  • Amsterdam / 02.04.2020

US & EU Licensing

This course provides drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing US law.

  • München / 23. - 24.04.2020

IP Strategy

IP Strategy! - the interactive course which helps you setting up convincing IP strategy plans.

  • Heidelberg / 12. - 14.05.2020

20 Pitfalls in Patent Licensing

20 Pitfalls in Patent Licensing

  • Heidelberg / 13.05.2020

EPO Case-Law Update: Software

You will get a first-hand update on the most important decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal on software.

  • Amsterdam / 24.06.2020

In-Depth Course: Patent and Utility Model

This course provides guidance on uncommon parts of the procedures, explaining the major steps to be taken and the best practices to avoid further complications. In addition, the major differences and difficulties in states outside Europe are covered to provide a more global view.

  • Amsterdam / 20.10.2020