Events for „Legal affairs, market access & marketing“

We provide an extensive portfolio of tailor-made courses for marketing and sales professionals, key account managers, market access and business development managers, as well as legal staff.

Masterclass China: Medical Device Marketing Authorisation for Advanced

Interested in establishing a strong presence in the Chinese medical devices market? Join our training to gain valuable insights into the latest Chinese regulations governing medical devices, and discover strategies to optimize your pre-market registration and post-market surveillance. Benefit from the expertise of our local specialists, who will share up-to-date information to enhance your success

online 10-11/09/2024
Joint Clinical Assessments - Count down EU-HTA

Here you will get the latest information on the process of joint clinical assessments, including scoping and JCA dossier preparation.

online 24/09/2024
Healthcare Systems across Europe

Enhance your market access strategy in Europe with our specialized seminar series "Healthcare Systems across Europe" tailored for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. This program covers the key aspects of healthcare systems in Italy, Germany, the UK, France, and Spain.

online 10/10/-05/11/2024
Generic Drugs: Market Access and Pricing in Europe

Success in generic drug market access and pricing in Europe - register now!

online 19/11/2024
Drug Market Access & Pricing in Europe

Online seminar on Market Access & Pricing in Europe - this is how you can gain access as a pharmaceutical manufacturer!

online 10-11/12/2024