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We provide an extensive portfolio of tailor-made courses for marketing and sales professionals, key account managers, market access and business development managers, and legal staff.

Launching pharmaceutical products on the German market

Successful Pharmaceutical Launch in Germany

online 10-11/11/2022
Marketing Authorisation of Medical Devices in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan

Medical Devices: Marketing authorisation and market access in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan. Don't miss out on this unique course! First-hand information provided by experienced speakers to guarantee market success of your enterprise.

online 17/11/2022
Masterclass China: Medical Device Marketing Authorisation for Advanced

Would you like to successfully resist on Chinese market for medical devices? Then attend our webcasts and learn more about the new Chinese regulation for medical devices, how to perfect your pre-market registration and post-market surveillance: Our local experts will provide you with brandnew information!

online 06-07/12/2022
Generic Drugs: Market Access and Pricing in Europe

Online Seminar about Generic Drugs: Market Access and Pricing in Europe

online 07/02/2023