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HTA Assessment in Germany, Spain, the UK and the EU

This conference provides thorough insights into the national procedures in Germany, Spain, the UK and Ireland.

  • Berlin / 28. - 29.09.2017

Marketing Authorisation in ASIA

Basic and advanced know-how on the current regulatory framework of the various countries will be addressed in this seminar.

  • Mannheim / 24. - 26.10.2017

Getting Biosimilars on the US Market

After having attended the seminar you will be aware of the current regulatory framework in the US and know the pitfalls you should avoid in order to launch your products on time.

  • München / 25.10.2017

Off-Label Use in Europe

Special issues in Europe: National rules regarding authorisation and reimbursement of off-label use

  • Düsseldorf / 22.11.2017

Early Access and Managed Entry Agreements in Europe

Accelerated market access - Which programmes and methods fit? Get the latest information at this seminar.

  • Frankfurt / 19.02.2018

Medical Devices in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

At this seminar you will meet industry experts from the MENA countries.

  • Frankfurt / 27.02.2018