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Medical Devices in China
2020-06-04 2020-06-04 online

Medical Devices in China

Three webcasts: Potential and product approval in China for European medical device and MedTech companies

Would you like to successfully approve and market your medical devices in China as well? Then attend our webcasts and learn more about market potential and product approvals. Our local experts will provide you with comprehensive information - especially on the subject of approval and risks that exist for European medical device manufacturers or importers.
  • Market potential for European companies in the Chinese market
  • Product approval
  • NMPA (CFDA): Documents, procedures, fees - tips and tricks
  • Clinical pathways
  • PMS (post-market surveillance) & QMS (quality management system)
  • Latest regulatory changes

Aims and objectives

China continues to drive forward the expansion of its healthcare system - especially after "Corona". Imported medical devices and MedTech products are increasingly meeting with local competitors. At the same time, the requirements and costs for the registration of medical devices are increasing. New distribution structures are required.

These three interactive webcast events will highlight the opportunities and potential of European medical devices and technology on the Chinese market. The requirements for the registration of medical devices are described in details.

Let us show you what the regulatory novelties in China entail and which are significant for you as an European medical device manufacturer. Questions and discussions are explicitly welcome. Take advantage of the interactive opportunity to talk directly to local experts during the Q&A sessions.

The webcast broadcasts will be recorded for you so that you have the opportunity to look up and deepen the content after the training.

Who should attend
The webcasts are aimed at specialists and managers in the medical device and IVD industry who are planning medical device marketing or renewing an existing marketing authorization in China. This online event is of particular interest for the following departments:
  • Regulatory, clinical and quality affairs
  • Strategy & corporate development
  • Marketing and product management
  • Distribution and sales
Your speakers
MSc Anna King
Cisema (Hong Kong) Limited

Guest speakers
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Fischer
Cisema (Hong Kong) Limited

BA/LLB Hamish King
Cisema (Hong Kong) Limited

Dipl. BWL Guo Ning
Cisema Beijing Consulting Ltd.

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Technical requirements

Technical requirements

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